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    Legal Services

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    representing all 28 Member States of the EU

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Contact Info

Zhou Yi

Founder of LegalMall


T: +86 84 693690821
Mob: +86 13 923488806
E: zy@rayyinlawyer.com

Room 507, 05/F Office Tower2 Kunsha Center No.16 Xinyuanli Chaoyang District

Company background

LegalMall is a global website offering online legal services, business information and company listing to enable you to develop your business in China. Simply said, we aim to make your business development in China as smooth and easy as possible. Our team is situated across the globe. We speak multitude of languages and we understand how new technology changes the way business is done. Our team is composed of qualified lawyers and graduates, as well as marketing and IT specialists to provide you with the most informed advice when looking to invest in China and abroad. As well as comprehensive information on local business and companies, LegalMall also offers cost-efficient access to legal documents such as S&P agreements, company registrations, wills etc. We also offer legal consultation packages, Customer Service Centre for more complicated legal issues and online Q&As section. In addition, LegalMall provides search engines to conduct legal due diligence, such as company and individual registration searches and client type searches. Our online calculator enables you to make legal cost estimates such as litigation fee estimates, social security contribution etc., all for free. In sum, LegalMall was created with the mission “to make legal services more accessible for everyone”