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EU Industry Days 2021 | Press Release

By EU SME Centre | Press Article      26.03.2021     Tags:

From February 23-26, 2021, the EU SME Centre participated in the EU Industry Days Virtual Event & Exhibition 2021. EU Industry Days is Europe’s flagship annual event on industry. It serves as the main platform to discuss industrial challenges and co-develop opportunities and policy responses in an inclusive dialogue with a wide range of partners. This year’s virtual event and exhibition focused on Europe's green and digital transformation as well as EU competitiveness in the changing global competitive landscape. The Centre was one of the 41 exhibitors, managed and supported by the European Commission, under the category ‘EU Support Services’.

The director of the Centre, Renzo Isler, contributed to the event with a podcast on the episode Beyond Europe”, together with four other Directors from European entities with extended experience in Asia they discussed the opportunities and challenges for European SMEs of accessing those markets in the post COVID-19 reality. Additionally, three team members were present in the virtual booth and were actively promoting the project among the participants.

All exhibitors got the opportunity to make a short video introducing their project, which was added to the exhibition page of the platform. The video of the Centre has been uploaded to the EU SME Centre’s YouTube channel.

228 companies visited the virtual booth of the Centre. 37 contacts were made, and 11 virtual meetings were held with different business support organisations from EU and COSME participating countries. 12 organisations interacted with the Centre through the chat function with the purpose of continuing discussions after the event.

The Centre is satisfied with the overall outcome of the event. In continuation of the EU Industry Days virtual event, the Centre jointly organised a hybrid event in collaboration with the European Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC) and the EU Delegation to China to discuss the environmental policy landscape in the EU and China as well as opportunities and challenges for European businesses in China. The event was moderated by the Centre Director, Renzo Isler. Participants agreed that, while there is a long way to go, the policy trends in China are positive and there are opportunities for European SMEs. Moving forward it will be important for Chinese policymakers to ensure that change takes place as soon as possible, and that market forces are given the room to play a key role in the move towards a greener economy.

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