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Chamber of Commerce Mechelen

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Contact Info

Petra Van Bouwelen

Manager International Business

International Business

T: 0032 15451029
Fax: 0032 15451021
Mob: 0032 476909909
E: petra.van.bouwelen@voka.be

Chamber of Commerce Mechelen (Voka) O.L.Vrouwestraat 85 2800 Mechelen BELGIUM (Europe)

HQ Address: Kleinhoefstraat 9, 2440 Geel, Belgium – Europe

Company background

There are 8 Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) in Flanders. All are private institutions and consequently membership is not compulsory. Together with the Flemish Employers Association, these 8 Chambers form the Voka alliance (politically independent) which unites more than 17.000 businesses from all sectors within the Flemish region. This alliance represents the largest Flemish network of enterprises, 65% of the private employment and 66% of the added value produced in Flanders. Voka supports the economic development of this region by lobbying, networking and offering tailor-made services to small, medium and large businesses. The regional CCI of Mechelen employs 18 people and serves over 1200 companies from various industries and size in the district of Mechelen. The main business sectors that stress the economic importance of this region are: pharmacy, logistics (one of the biggest logistic hubs of Western Europe), ICT, B2B service sector, construction and food (Mechelen has the largest co-operative society as a vegetable auction in Europe). CCI Mechelen is part of the global network of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the oldest and largest business network worldwide. In 2011 CCI Mechelen started a service on China titled: 'Oriental Business Express'. It is an information desk for companies doing business in and with China.