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Ingrid Ge


Ingrid joined CBBC in 2014, focusing on macro economy policies and business environment in China. She has lead on several cross sector research projects including UK’s participation in the Belt & Road Initiative, and reports about China’s Pilot Free Trade Zones. She is also responsible of new policy interpretations which are delivered to CBBC members through members, recently including insights into the Foreign Investment Law, cross border E-commerce, China’s 19th CPC National Congress and China’s switch from BT (Business Tax) to VAT etc.

She has about 15 years’ consulting experience in international trade and rules, China’s import and export polices and WTO compliance. Before joining CBBC, Ingrid worked in PwC, helping MNCs to do business planning and solving their import problems. Prior to that, Ingrid acted as senior consultant in Shanghai WTO Affairs Consultation Centre, providing policy recommendations to the Shanghai government and MOFCOM. Areas covered included terms of WTO compliance, participating in project research on international trade barriers, WTO dispute resolution and FTA feasibility studies for MOFCOM (e.g. China-Korea FTA and China-Swiss FTA).

Ingrid received Master degrees in international economy from CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) and University of British Columbia (in Canada).

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