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Ilaria Perla

Training Coordinator

Graduated in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation (Chinese-English) from Cà Foscari University, (Venice, Italy) Ilaria has three years of working experience in China primarily in the marketing and communication field. 

She is responsible for coordinating and managing training and events in China and the EU at the EU SME Centre where she has also been responsible for maintaining relationships with key partners. Prior to joining the Centre, she gained experience at the China–Italy Chamber of Commerce by helping bilateral projects come to fruition and facilitating dialogue within the Italian and Chinese business communities showing cultural awareness. She also worked in a Chinese trading company in Beijing where she oversaw EU CMO projects for the promotion of Sicilian wine in the Chinese market. 

Ilaria is proficient in Chinese Mandarin and English, and speaks French and a bit of German and Spanish. Of course, she speaks Italian and Salento dialect which she spices it up with some Turkish and Russian…, you name it! But simply because she is a language lover. 

Originally from Lecce province of Italy, she is a calligraphy and art lover, and a voracious reader living a eudemonic life. 

When asked about her favourite Chinese proverb, she put this down for us: "有缘千里能相会,无缘对面不相逢" (If there is a bond, two can meet even they are thousands of miles apart).