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WeChat Shop Solution

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Set up a WeChat shop and start selling to over 1 billion users via cross-border e-commerce. This solution includes providing support on registering your trademarks, registering your products at customs authorities, and setting up your account on WeChat. The service also includes the drafting of a tailored digital marketing strategy for the promotion of your products or services.

What We Offer

Cross-Border E-Commerce is the latest booming trend in China. This service will support your business through the entire process of building and profiting from their cross-border WeChat Shop: from registering your product and trademark, to structuring your digital marketing strategy.

Why WeChat

  • It is China’s increasingly significant channel to sell to the Chinese market.
  • 1 billion users globally.
  • Offers connections to thousands of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).
  • Easy on-line payment and money transfer to EU bank account.

The Service in Details

The service is implemented by Emerald Green Consulting and has three categories:


Ideal if your business is establishing a corporate face in China and WeChat official presence without marketing or e-commerce functionalities.

Starting from 30,000 EUR*


Designed for your business to sell online and market directly to the Chinese consumer.

Starting from 50,000 EUR*


Enables your business to establish an e-commerce strategy and engage directly with the Chinese consumers through a network of key opinion leaders and on social media channels.

Starting from 70,000 EUR*

*  Includes one-time fixed set up costs and annual fees

Learn about the advantages of a cross-border WeChat Shop by watching our webinar on "How to Build, Operate and Profit from a Cross-Border WeChat Shop"

Log in and have access to the EU SME Centre guideline, which provides a full explanation of all the elements involved in the process of setting-up your own cross-border WeChat shop and will help you prepare your e-commerce plan for China, here.

For more information on the service and how to tailor it to your business’ needs, contact the EU SME Centre at: wechatshop@eusmecentre.org.cn  

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