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Sinda Corporation UK

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    Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China (Bencham), British Chamber of Commerce in China (Britcham)

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    United Kingdom

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Contact Info

Jarvous Chen



T: 13859757508
E: jarvouschen@sindacorporation.com

中国福建省泉州市陈埭中国鞋都f栋f3-24 362211
UK Address :22 Market Road Islington London UK N7 9GS China Address:F3-24 BLK F CHINA SHOES CAPITAL, QUANZHOU CITY, FUJIAN PROVINCE 362211

Company background

We are a corporate group that specialises in cross-border trade, from freight forwarding to real estate developments , from real estate investment to business consulting, from education to wholesale trade . We aim to enhance the trade between the EU and and the rest of the world , in particular between Europe and the Fast East. Our Chinese company is trading as Fujian Wengsaha Development Co Ltd catering to businesses in China looking for outbound invesment opportunities and businesses elsewhere looking to set a footing in China. We have offices in China, Hong Kong, Poland, Holland, the UK and Germany that serve our clients from Asia to Europe. Our UK-based company serves our clients in Western Europe, specifically acting as a bridge between China and EU companies and individuals wishing to invest in countries we operate. Currently, we specialise in freight forwarding, wholesale trade, business consulting, education and UK real estate developments. We can also refer our clients to our local offices in the EU and Asia for an initial no-obligation consultation for further assitance , if needed. Likewise, our Hong Kong-based company serves our clients in East Asia, in particular bringing our European customers to the region seeking a business presence. We also help our clients from other parts of the world who are interested in setting up a business presence in Hong Kong as a gateway to Mainland China. Our Hong Kong office is our headquarters for the Greater China Region. Moreover, our Hong Kong staff specialise in advising customers in Asia who are looking for business opportunities in Europe. Similarly, our Poland and Germany based company assists our clients from the region with an operational role. The company specialises in commercial letting , with warehouses on the outskirlts of Warsaw accomodating traders who are invested in finding storing goods, setting up an operational office and using Warsaw as a gateway to the EU at a relatively low cost. Our China-based office facilities trade between the EU and China, acting as an importer of European food and beverages into the Chinese market, as an exporter of Chinese textile, footwear shoes and clothing into the European market. We also advise our Chinese clients on a wide range of trade-related issues, such as investment, acquistion of companies in the EU, forming a business in an EU country , property investment, registering trademarks and assisting them with exporting into the EU. We recently launched an investment arm of our trading brand - Jarvous &Co- looking for opportunities in Europe and Asia. We look forward to be of service to you. Finally, all other offices are in parnership with our local partners locally.