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The Healthcare Market in China

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A rapidly ageing population and its susceptibility to chronic diseases are driving to a rise in China’s total healthcare spending. With a total of approximately EUR 533 billion expenditure in 2016, China’s healthcare market remains one of the most promising markets worldwide.

In addition, China’s latest reforms, framed in the 13th Five Year Plan, are drawing the attention to improving the population’s health. Promoting a healthy lifestyle, optimising and diversifying health services as well as improving health security are the core elements of the new regulations.

Although a wide range of opportunities, competition in this sector can be fierce. Yet, if well prepared, EU SMEs specialised in pharmaceutical products, medical devices and healthcare services may succeed in the market.

After the 2014 “Healthcare Sector in China” report, this update takes into account the recent policy changes and outlines the current healthcare market in China providing a full understanding in terms of market background, regulatory policies, key players and ways to overcome the challenges.

Furthermore, it outlines the key factors an EU SME should consider to prosper in this vast and competitive market.

Key Contents

Sector Overview

  • Government Support
  • Demographic Change
  • Future Outlook

Healthcare Providers

Pharmaceutical. Medical Device & Healthcare Service Providers Overview

  • Pharmaceutical
  1. Market Information
  2. Regulatory Policies
  3. Key Players
  4. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Medical Devices
  1. Market Information
  2. Regulatory Policies
  3. Key Players
  4. Distribution Channels
  5. Future Outlook
  • Healthcare Service Providers
  1. Private Healthcare Institutions
  2. Healthcare IT (HIT)
  3. Rehabilitation Service Providers
  4. Elderly Care Providers

Opportunities for SMEs

Challenges for SMEs


  • Further Reading
  • Key Trade Fairs
  • Industry Associations
  • Useful Websites

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