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Corporate Social Responsibility for EU SMEs in China

By EU SME Centre | Report      02.03.2014     Tags: Automobiles and autoparts, Chemicals, Commercial services, ... (19 more) (hide)

For small to medium-sized enterprises, many of whom are working to make their market with limited
resources, taking the time to focus on developing and executing a corporate social responsibility (CSR)
strategy may not be something that is seen to have “value”. After all, with a commonly held belief that CSR
is an add-on to daily operations and focused on rounding out a corporate image with something “cute and
cuddly”, what reason could a small to medium-sized enterprise have to take on such a task?

Through this report, it is our hope to change that mind-set. To show you, the reader, that the view on CSR
described above could not be farther from the truth. That while a misaligned, or misguided, strategy can
certainly make a firm’s efforts and investments look disjointed and fake, a strategy that is developed and
executed with authenticity can bring significant benefit to the firm. Benefits may start with efficiency, but
over time, through the development of a culture and core of responsibility, can lead the firm into market
opportunities it never thought existed.

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