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EU SME Centre Director on the Opportunities for EU SMEs in China and Along the Belt and Road

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On 25 January 2018, Mr Chris Cheung,  director of the EU SME Centre and member of the ENRICH advisory board, attended the ENRICH Business and Innovation Networking Breakfast and the Beijing Belt and Road International Co-Incubation Dialogue organised by ENRICH and the Beijing BBEF Electronics Group.

During the event, Mr Cheung gave a presentation on the ‘Opportunities for EU SMEs in China and along the Belt and Road’ indicating that there are “huge opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships between EU SMEs and Chinese businesses along the Belt and Road”.

China’s incubation and start-up ecosystems have developed very quickly, and sees Beijing now ranking fourth and Shanghai eighth in the 2017 Startup Genome’s – a US organisation researching start-ups and their eco-systems around the world - eco-system ranking. The key challenge for Chinese eco-systems remains their market reach – the ability to connect with customers and partners around the world and it would be interesting to see how the Belt and Road Initiative would facilitate connectivity with the global market.

ENRICH is a project promoted by the European Commission providing services to connect European research, technology and business organisation globally. The EU SME Centre has signed a partnership agreement with ENRICH to host the project in its premises in Beijing.

Beijing B&R International Co-Incubation (ICI) was launched on November 27th2017. With the aim of connecting incubation service providers and facilitating their partnerships, ICI’s mission is to create “an Incubator in Incubator or a Science park in Science Park” business model, between China and B&R markets. The EU SME Centre is listed as a co-founder of ICI.

It is through these partnerships that the EU SME Centre will continue to link EU SMEs with the research and innovation opportunities in China and along the 60 countries of the Belt and Road.

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