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Centre Takes Part in CIFTIS in Beijing

By EUSME Centre | Press Article      01.06.2018     Tags:

Last Tuesday 29th of May Mr. Xavier Sans Powell, Expert at the EU SME Centre and Director of Government Affairs (Europe) at the European Chamber, delivered a presentation at the Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS). During the ‘Internet + Forum: a New Business Model Improving our Lives’, he stressed the importance of Internet+ and the sharing economy as drivers of transformation within society. He then proceeded to present some of the most relevant examples of this transformation both in Europe and in China, reflected in companies such as OFO, Airbnb, Didi or TED.

Finally, he presented the EU SME Centre and its activities, and shared some of its success stories with European SMEs. He stressed the key role the EU SME Centre has had in supporting European start-ups to do business in China over the years, and welcomed the opportunity for discussion and exchange that events like the ‘Internet + Forum’ and CIFTIS provided.

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