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EU-China Tech Scale-Up Summit

  • Tipo :Conference
  • Date :May 17 - 19, All day, 2018
  • Venue :Business & Innovation Centre for ChinaEurope Cooperation (CCEC)
  • Indirizzo :1577 Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu 天府大道中段1577号 中国—欧洲中心1楼
  • Contact :philip_zhao@eupic.org.cn

The EU SME Centre is delighted to invite you to the 1st EU-China Tech Scale-Up Summit organised by EUPIC, that will take place from May 17-19, 2018 in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

The main scope of the Summit is that of connecting European companies ready to enter the Chinese market. This will happen through meetings with Corporate partners interested in doing business with EU Tech Scale-ups, VCs, Key players, and clusters. 

The EU-China Tech Scale-Up Summit aims at creating discussions regarding investments under the Belt and Road Initiative and jointly shape the capital chain. The first edition of the Summit will focus on new economy industries, such as the digitial, smart and green economy. 

The two main focuses of the Summit will be:

  1. Health

    • healthcare

    • eHealth

    • Diagnostics

    • Medical Development technologies

    • Drug Development technologies

  2. Sustainability

    • Energy

    • Mobility

    • Smart City

    • Industry

    • Manufacturing

    • Logistics

    • Environment

    • Materials

    • Bioeconomy

    • Agro-Food technologies

Click here to see the full agenda.