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Debt Collection in China

  • Type :Webinar
  • Date :Jul 6, All day, 2018
  • Venue :Online

The legal action of debt collection is one of the most common types of litigation in China. Despite its difficulties (evidence, language problems, local interests’ priority), EU SMEs can often prevent it or at least manage it easily with a proper preparation.

Thus, it is important to know as much as possible about the counterparts they are going to do business with. All this information is made available on National Courts database of companies which have been engaged in litigation proceedings.

It is worth noticing that domestic Chinese cases and cases involving foreign parties are not always subject to the same rules and that different regions have different jurisdiction standards.

This webinar will inform you on how to proceed when there is an outstanding debt to be formally collected, which are the most common issues in debt collection and how to avoid them and shares practical advice on how to prepare for the dispute.

Key Content

  • Prevention
  • The Chinese Court
  • Debt Collection Steps
  • Litigation Procedure
  • Evidence Rules
  • Interest Rate on Outstanding Amount
  • Take-Aways
You can find the recorded video on Youtube. To download the slides please login.

About the Speaker

Jan Holthuis, Partner at Buren Legal
Jan has been active in China since 1995 and predominantly working and living in China since 2009.  Jan is an experienced adviser in China related transactions and complex international litigation cases on corporate, commercial and intellectual property related disputes. Jan is a registered arbitrator at the China International Economic Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) and at the Shanghai International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (SHAIC) / Shanghai International Arbitration Center (SIAC).