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Six Steps for Not Getting Lost in Translation

  • Type :Webinar
  • Date :Feb 23, All day, 2018
  • Venue :Online

Chinese is the world’s most used language with nearly 1.3 billion native speakers. It belongs to Sino-Tibetan group, which is extremely different from the Indo-European languages. Whether your company wants host a domestic exhibition in China, set up a website, or translate a company name into a localized Chinese name, grasping some basic understanding of the language is becoming more crucial in the process of establishing a successful business in China.

After watching our webinar on Six Steps for Not Getting lost in Translation, you will understand: the basics of Chinese language; making a right decision on whether your business will need a Chinese name; importance of trademark and company name in Chinese; different translation methods, as well we some cases studies on translations.


  1. Understanding Chinese
  2. Do I need a Chinese name?
  3. Trademark and company name in Chinese
  4. Do I need an interpreter?
  5. Translation vs. localization

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Expert Profile

Agnese obtained BA Degree from University in Latvia (Riga, Latvia) and Ludwig Maximilian University (Munich, Germany) in Asian Studies and a bilingual MBA degree from Xiamen University (Xiamen, China). She has more than 8 year experience connecting China and Europe across multiple sectors (trade, investment, education, intenational business).