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Key Findings of 2017 European Business in China Confidence Survey

  • Type :Webinar
  • Date :Jun 12, All day, 2017
  • Venue :Online

Join this webinar to gain insightful knowledge on the annual business performance of European companies in major sectors and outlook for future successful business opportunities in China. During the webinar, five key findings will be discussed in details, including the positive impact made through the anti-corruption campaign and its incremental improvements to China’s IPR protection regime, China domestic market barriers and regulatory framework, increasingly competitive and innovative domestic Chinese private companies, and the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment.

The key findings presented in the Survey were collected from 500 senior representatives of European companies in the professional services, industrial goods/services, and consumer goods/services. This webinar will be particularly useful to those who have been operating in China and who are interested in entering the market.


  • Methodology and Respondents’ Profile
  • Key Findings
  1. European business has benefited from 2016 financial stimulus
  2. Lacking progress made on the regulatory reform      
  3. Barriers on reciprocal market access
  4. A new challenge: more competitive and innovative domestic Chines private companies
  5. The opportunity of Comprehensive Agreement on Investmen needs to be seized
  • Conclusion

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About the Expert

Massimo Bagnasco, Vice President of the European Chamber

Bagnasco is the Managing Partner of Progetto CMR in Beijing, an Italian architectural and urban planning design company ranked into the top 100 worldwide firm.

Bagnasco has been actively involved in the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC) since his arrival in China. Since 2008, he has alternatively covered positions of Chairman and Vice Chairman of Construction Working Group. Recently, he has been focusing on the EU SMEs sector. In 2013, he was elected as Italian State Representative in the Supervisory Board of the EUCCC. In 2014, he became Member of the Chamber Executive Committee.

He has been involved in preparation, implementation and development activities of EU-China Sustainable Urbanization Partnership. Bagnasco is also one of the four European experts, members of the Taskforce in charge EU-China Innovation Cooperation Dialogue framework agreement promoted by DG-RTD and MoST.