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How to Start Exporting Wine to China

By EU SME Centre | Report      04.07.2017     Tags: Food & Beverages


With the aim of helping EU SMEs in the wine industry, we present this practical guide on How to Start Exporting Wine to China. This report is an indispensable tool for selling wines in China, essential for export managers, traders, winemakers, wineries, and consultants as well.

Beyond the stats available in the annexes, we provide in-depth market analysis and answer questions such as “What will be the price tag of my wine in China? How can I find out if my competitors are already selling in China? Where, or through which channels?”

In addition, we offer advice on how to search for the right importer depending on your preferred sales channel. Who are they? Can you find out if a certain importer lacks in its wine assortment of an SKU that fits precisely your wine? How to do it?

We help you to find the price tranches of imported wines, the requirements set by importers in China, how to manage sales expectations thanks to knowing in advance the real volume moved by each importer. Useful tips for negotiation are provided.

Learn, but most important, acquire first-hand information of the real situation nowadays regarding Chinese consumers and wine.  Are they really interested in wines? Can you demonstrate it? How a small or medium winery with not many resources can gain access to the Chinese consumer?

The present document allows your winery to set up a comprehensive road map to start exporting wine to China. It empowers you to draft a well-thought business plan much before you first visit China. We include a hypothetical business case, an EU small winery producing sparkling wine pondering export its wine to China. We solve the case through mimicking all the steps until finding the appropriate importer.

Consumer habits and sales channels, including online sales, along with the various promotion activities of importers are described, providing tips so you can find yourself such information, saving time and money.

Above all, it is a sales tool. We hope you find it useful!

Key Contents

Warming-up and Stretching  

  • Ponder your Intentions           

China’s Wine Market 2016 - Understanding the Figures    

  •  Wine      
  • Bottled Wine   
  • Whites and Sparkling Wines   

Price Formation        

  • Pricing Demography of the imported wines    
  • Get to Know the Taxes and Customs Duties   
  • The Role of Hong-Kong         

Trademark Registration       

Who’s Your Competition?    

Understanding Wine Shipment Arrivals       

Homework at Winery           

Going to China          


Exhibitions and Fairs

Cava a practical example: “Who Is Selling in China Wines Similar to Ours?”      

Which are the Importers and Distributors? 

  • Importers China Wide 
  • Localised Importers    
  • On Trade Specialised Importers          
  • Importers and Distributors of wine in China, who they are?
  • Which Sales Channels?           
  • Pricing

In China         

  • At the Exhibition        
  • General Tips for Success in Exhibitions
  • Use Matchmaking Services     
  • Importers and/or Distributors  
  • Contract          
  • Marketing Budget       
  • Events and Promotion 
  • E-commerce     
  • Cross-Border E-Commerce     

Back at Home

  • Follow-up       
  • Monitoring the Business         
  • Monitoring the Market


  • Useful Stats to Have at Hand  

Wine Importers and Distributors in China

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About the Author

Rafael Jimenez. MSc in Physics, is the Business Development Advisor at the EU SME Centre in Beijing. With a proved experience in FMCG sales in China, Rafael keeps careful track of the wine business, being closely in touch with participants throughout the supply chain, wineries, export managers, traders, Customs’ agents and forwarders, importers, retailers, restaurants, wine experts, and consumers. Publishes regularly about the wine business in China, and in writing the report Rafael paid special attention to the many questions or doubts from wineries that the EU SME Centre has received and responded over the years.


If you need any assistance in purchasing the guideline or have any questions (e.g. make the payment in RMB or pay via bank transfer), please send us an email at info@eusmecentre.org.cn; 如果您希望以人民币支付或通过银行转账付款,请发邮件至info@eusmecentre.org.cn.

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