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Quality Partnerships LLC

  • Type of services:

    Product Standards, Testing, and Certification, Other

  • Affiliation to a Chamber
    of Commerce:

    China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, Other

  • Member state:

    representing all 27 Member States of the EU

  • Languages spoken:

    Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

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Contact Info

Rémi Orth

Project Manager

Strategic Planning

T: +86 10 85236268
Mob: +86 13439658914
E: info@quality-partnerships.cn

瑞士质量合作有限公司北京代表处 中国北京市朝阳区工体北路 甲6号中宇大厦1510室 邮编:100027

Suite 1510, Zhongyu Plaza, A6 Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100027

Company background

Quality Partnerships offers technical support for accessing the Chinese market. By choosing us, you will have access to top-quality professional services: our tailored operating procedures will ensure results meet your expectations. With an in-depth knowledge of the Chinese product regulations that administer different market licenses in China, through its experts, long-term experience in the field, Quality Partnerships knows how to perfect the paperwork for each license and navigate the fastest path through each stage of the intricate licensing processes ensuring Market access in China. With us, there will be no more wasting of your time and money, no more doubts on how to proceed to obtain product license in China, no more problems with incomplete documentation nor uncertainty due to unclear replies. Our goal is to assist you throughout the entire application process and thereafter, allowing you to access the market in time with your own planned schedule. Quality Partnerships also provides assistance in accessing and understanding Chinese standards to companies, standards setting organizations and governmental agencies and institutions, including precise and reliable professional translations in English of Chinese standards. For a list of our services, please visit http://quality-partnerships.cn/services/