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Karpek Limited

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Contact Info

Bénédicte Franchel

BD Manager

Business Development

T: +86 85984698
Mob: +86 13810199498
E: benedictefranchel@karpek.com

In China: 9-902 Fangushuijun, Tuofangying nanlu, 100 016 Beijing

Company background

Karpek Limited is an Import/Export and Services company of international caliber that prides itself in bringing professional, simplified business solutions to the needs of Small and Medium Sized Companies (SMEs). The importance of China in the development of SMEs around the globe is growing. But China is complex: whether for sourcing products, to integrate the vast market or to find the right partners, SMEs are often confronted to the language barrier and misunderstanding of the country. It is to tackle these difficulties in integrating a complex market and to ensure positive outcomes to their business activities in the country that Karpek Limited has developed tailor-made services for SMEs: Our services include: - Sourcing Solutions: Karpek identifies the right suppliers, becomes your voice during business negotiations and your eyes during production - Business Development Solutions by identifying Food & Beverages Distributors, Selecting Online Advertising agencies and Solving your logistics difficulties - China Support for your business trips and delegations to China: Organizing, Managing your trip and participation to exhibitions, providing expert translations and interpreters. - Renewable Energy Products Karpek has developed for its partners. With a long presence in China and a deep understanding of the Chinese business practices, our teams have developed a vast professional network allowing us to answer the expectations and constraints of SMEs. Offering adapted services to the lowest price and the highest level of professionalism, we are the best placed to answer all the development needs of SMEs.